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Wayward Grace, the vocal trio of Deanna Benedict, Viv Corringham and myself, was formed to learn and perform unaccompanied harmony songs from around the world, in particular the beautiful and haunting songs from the Republic of Georgia, as well as striking songs from Bulgaria, some unusual pieces from Britain itself, and other powerful songs from all over.  


Wayward Grace performed to enthusiastic audiences at venues around London between 2001-2004, including the 12 Bar Club, Islington Folk Club, Cecil Sharp House, the Eclectic Club at the White Swan, Greenwich, and speial events and festivals.

DEANNA BENEDICT (far right) has been singing in Maspindzeli, the London Georgian choir, as well as the London Bulgarian choir, for many years, and prior to that in classical

and jazz ensembles.  She is trained as a voice movement therapy practitioner, and has specialised in leading small singing groups

for people who think they can't sing.


VIV CORRINGHAM (left) has been performing and recording internationally since the early 1980's.  She works with improvisation, lo-tech electronics, Eastern Mediterranean music, deep listening and soundscapes.

Viv Corringham, Evrah, Deanna Bendict.                Photo: Sophie Benedict

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